about us

4S is a business-oriented professional services company established in Georgia.

Our story began in 2020. We had a goal to make any consulting service easily accessible and comprehensive for the customer.

So now, we realize this goal with the help of 4S services. We raise public awareness of consulting/professional services every day.

We have replaced the word “consultant” with the word “professional”. A professional is someone who does not solve problems for a customer or a business but creates new opportunities for them.  

A Consulting Service Professional gets involved in business immediately as soon as a business idea appears. The idea may refer to a new business start-up, the implementation of changes to an existing one, or in any other milestones. The involvement of a professional is a way for the customer to get a comprehensive understanding of the idea development prospects before the investment (of time, money, and resources). 

In real life all of the above works as follows:  

The customer books a meeting with our professionals and shares his/her thoughts and ideas about the business during this meeting. Then we sign an agreement, and our professionals research and prepare an appropriate service report selected by the customer. This is the diagnostics stage.

The second stage is analytics and then growth and development. 

As a result, the customer gets the full picture of the business idea/current issue from different angles and evaluates the opportunities, which minimizes the risks. The more risk is insured, the more fruitful is the result and the more efficiently the idea/business works. 

To achieve this goal, we have created an innovative service – combined products, which means that the customer receives both business consulting and legal services. For example, if you need a legal assessment of labor relations, you can also get an employee performance analysis which will help you to initiate various changes or processes.

Within the scope of the joint work process, our business and legal professionals fundamentally research and identify the most needed processes for the business. As a result, the business brings its processes into full compliance with the legislation and achieves the best result.

4S is a space where the first meeting with the customer takes place over a cup of tea and continues with friendship.

We create more – it’s all about support and reliable partnership.

Our workspace feels like a family. This comfort is created by people and friendship.

4S has brought together those with the common values of support and loyalty.

We have non-standard work methods – the work process is innovative, efficient and creative. Every person you meet in 4S is focused on results and at the same time gladly participates in all stages of any process. 

What else creates comfort in our space is the flexible work process. We have organized our work, both within the team and with the customer, on the “finder, minder, grinder” principle. For us it means that we learn, share and implement. As they say, it is better to say it once than to hear it a hundred times... So, see you soon…

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